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    European Committee of social rights: violation of the trade union freedoms of forest rangers transferred to the Carabinieri

    14/01/2020 - Stefania Rupe

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 12 Freedom of association - Solidarity - Art. 28 Rights of workers, employers and their organisations: negotiations

    The Author examines the constitutional jurisprudence and the case law of the European Committee of social rights on the violation of trade union rights of the Italian forest rangers transferred to the Carabinieri ...

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    Automated decisions and Article No. 22 GDPR of the European Union: an analysis of the right to an

    31/12/2019 - Elena Falletti

    Classificazione: Justice - Art. 47 Fair trial, public hearing

    The Author examines cases of automated decisions taken on the basis of algorithms in the light of the right to be able to give an explanation ...

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    Supra-national law and national law: interpretative remedies

    27/12/2019 - Valeria Piccone

    Classificazione: General provisions - Art. 51 Scope

    The Author examines the interpretative criteria in order to establish the relation between EU and National legislation Our thanks to the Review Questione giustizia online ...

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    For a European Social Union. From the pillar of social rights to a multilevel welfare?

    04/12/2019 - Giuseppe Allegri

    Classificazione: Solidarity

    Some considerations in favour of the European Social Union founded on a possible European Euro-Dividend Income for a new continental solidarity beyond the European pillar of social rights Our thanks to the University of Salerno ...

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    Between ECHR and Horizontal Effect: the Egenberger Case-Law” (da “The Charter and the Court of Justice of the European Union: Notable Cases from 2016-2018” - Fundamental Rights Protection in Europe Series, Aniel Pahladsingh & Ramona Grimbergen (eds), Wolf legal Publishers”)

    30/11/2019 - Pierpaolo Gori

    Classificazione: Equality - Art. 21 Non discrimination

    The Author examines the decision of the Court of Justice in the case Egenberger with regard to the horizontal effect of art of the Charter Our thanks to the Publisher for the kind authorization ...

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    Respect for private and family life in the ECHR experience

    26/10/2019 - Lucia Tria

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 7 Privacy

    Reconstruction of the jurisprudence of the ECHR also in its effects on EU legislation and the National jurisprudence on the respect for private and family life ...

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    Decision n. 12174/2019: The Court of Cassation defines, helped by the European Social Charter, the material fact in the dismissal

    08/09/2019 - Sergio Galleano

    Classificazione: Solidarity - Art. 30 Protection against unjustified dismissal

    The Author comments on a decision of the Court of Cassation concerning the consequences of illegitimate dismissal in the event of non illegitimacy of the material fact ...

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    12/07/2019 - Sergio Galleano

    Classificazione: Solidarity - Art. 31 Working conditions: healthy - Working conditions: safe - Working conditions: dignified

    Further insights of the EUCJ in the matter of transfer of the undertaking the decisions in the cases Plesser and Correria Moreria ...

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    The Italian Court of Cassation and the role of Guido Raimondi in the dialogue with the ECHR

    03/07/2019 - Roberto Conti

    Classificazione: Justice - Art. 47 Justice: remedy

    The Author reconstructs the experience of the Protocol between the Court of Cassation and the Court of Strasbourg ...

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    Final pubblication of the research project: improving cooperation between member states in confiscation procedures

    01/07/2019 - Autori vari

    Classificazione: Justice - Art. 47 Right to an effective remedy before a tribunal - Fair trial, public hearing - General provisions - Art. 52 Scope of guaranteed rights

    The results of the research have been published also by the publisher Jovine by Professor A Bernardi on the issue analysed by some European Universities ...