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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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  • Notes & Comments

    The independence of the judiciary as international value

    30/01/2009 - Vito Monetti

    Classificazione: Justice - Art. 47 Fair trial, public hearing

    The Author recalls texts and decisions which show how the independence of the judiciary is considered as an international value ...

  • Notes & Comments

    Final considerations on Constitutional jurisprudence of 2008

    28/01/2009 - Giovanni Maria Flick

    Classificazione: General provisions - Art. 53 Level of protection

    The considerations underline the increasing relations between sources of law of different levels and the ever tighter dialogue between Courts ...

  • Notes & Comments

    Comment to the decision Bartsch

    09/01/2009 - Silvia Borelli

    Classificazione: Equality - Art. 20 Equality - Art. 21 Non discrimination

    Taking the cue from the recent decision Bartsch of the Court of Justice the present comment reconstructs the problem of the effectiveness and scope of the principle of non discrimination in the Court of Justice ...

  • Notes & Comments

    Initiatives of the European Commission in the field of Justice. Liberties and Security

    07/01/2009 - Gualtiero Michelini

    Classificazione: General theme

    The Author examines the most important initiatives of the European Commission in the field of Justice Liberties and Security Program of Stockholm external relations relations with the UN asylum and immigration etc ...

  • Notes & Comments

    The European Pact in Immigration and Asylum: the fight against illegal immigration and the reinforcement of surveillance of external borders

    29/12/2008 - Giuseppe Licastro

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 18 Right to asylum - Refugees

    The comment examines the main aspects of the recent European Pact of Immigration and Asylum ...

  • Notes & Comments

    Right to competition, fair trial and effectiveness of enquiries

    21/12/2008 - Chiara Noto

    Classificazione: Justice - Art. 47 Fair trial, public hearing

    The present comment examines recent decisions of the Court of Justice concerning the right to a fair trial with regard to measures of protection of competition adopted by Community institutions ...

  • Notes & Comments

    Labour, constitutionalization of the person, economic institutions

    20/12/2008 - Laura Pennacchi

    Classificazione: Dignity - Art. 1 Human dignity - Solidarity - Art. 31 Working conditions: healthy - Working conditions: safe - Working conditions: dignified

    The present comment examines the process of constitutionalization of the person at a level both National and European through protection of human dignity in the labour field ...

  • Notes & Comments

    Special protection of women in the Statute of Rome

    19/12/2008 - Sylvia Steiner

    Classificazione: General theme

    The present comment shows the special protection of women in the Statute of Rome of the International Criminal Court ...

  • Notes & Comments

    The judgments of the Court of Justice concerning double surname

    15/12/2008 - Valentina Bazzocchi

    Classificazione: Equality - Art. 21 Non discrimination - Citizens’ rights - Art. 45 Freedom of movement - Freedom of residence

    The comment analyses the judgments Garcia Avello and Grunking Paul of the Court of Justice concerning double surname of the European citizens ...

  • Notes & Comments

    The right to the European basic income denied to the poorest regions of Italy

    14/12/2008 - Maurizio de Stefano

    Classificazione: Solidarity - Art. 34 Decent existence

    The Author reconstructs the guidelines of the European Union and Council of Europe on the right to basic income as protection of human dignity and explains how such right is denied in the poorest regions ...