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Notes & Comments (20/06/2007) - The Council of Europe and the state secrets

Title: The Council of Europe and the state secrets

Date: 06/20/2007

Subject: The author draws attentions to the importance of two resolutions of the European Council's Parliamentary Assembly concerning espionage and State secret: the Resolution n°1551/19.04.2007 and the Advice n°1792/19.04.2007. At source of the two documents there are the serious abuses, ascribed to different countries, mainly to the Russian Federation, in the use of relevant rules to the State secret, often quoted in order to persecuting scientists, research workers, journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders and generally "whistleblowers". The author underlines the firmness of the two documents in the parts in which –through a precise list of binding precepts too- they commit the States' legitimate interest to protecting internal secrets "without it has to become an excuse for limiting unfairly the freedom of speech, the freedom of information and international scientific cooperation one as well as the work of lawyers and human rights defenders", subjects whom have to fully accomplish their respective roles without fearing penal retorts. .

Original language: Italian

Classification: Justice - General provisions

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Notices: In the "Other Acts":04.19.2007 RESOLUTION n. 1551/2007 RECOMMENDATION n. 1792/2007