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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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    Social and political value of work in Italy and Europe during the crisis

    13/05/2013 - Lucia Tria

    Classificazione: Solidarity

    Some considerations on job guarantees and the international economic crisis ...

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    The citizens’ right to have a Government

    09/05/2013 - Luigi Moccia

    Classificazione: Citizens’ rights

    The Author examines the citizens right to have a Government in the light of the Union s legal system Our thanks to the Review La cittadinanza europea ...

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    The constitutional dimension of EU criminal law

    06/05/2013 - Ignazio Juan Patrone

    Classificazione: Justice

    Following the approval of the Treaty of Lisbon EU criminal law faced very complicated issues of constitutional nature between the respect for national constitutional traditions and the construction of a supra-national legal system ...

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    The Court of Justice, the unconditioned primacy of Union law and the lack of balance with the value of the safeguard of the structural principles of the national legal orders considered as “systems”

    20/04/2013 - Antonio Ruggeri

    Classificazione: Justice - Art. 47 Right to an effective remedy before a tribunal - General provisions - Art. 53 Level of protection

    The Author examines the judgment of the Court of Justice in the case Melloni Our thanks to the online review www diritticomparati it ...

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    The European Public Prosecutor: a piece for the European criminal law area

    15/04/2013 - Nicoletta Parisi

    Classificazione: Justice

    The Author examines the perspective more and more realistic of the European Public Prosecutor ...

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    The birth of the reasoning for (and with) “rights” and “principles” in the European Union legal system

    15/03/2013 - Federico Di Salvo

    Classificazione: Justice

    The Author examines the development of the reasoning for and with rights and principles in the jurisprudence of the Court of Justice ...

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    Employees on short-term contracts in the public administration: outline of the EU and national jurisprudence

    10/03/2013 - Andrea Allamprese, Amos Andreoni

    Classificazione: Solidarity - Art. 31 Working conditions: healthy - Working conditions: safe - Working conditions: dignified

    The Authors reconstruct the scene of the most recent jurisprudence of the Court of Justice and of Italian Courts on short-term contracts in the public administration ...

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    Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis: a reconstruction of the National and European doctrine and jurisprudence

    05/03/2013 - Elena Falletti

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 7 Privacy

    The issue of the pre-implantation genetic diagnosis also in the light of the jurisprudence of the European Courts our thanks to the review Corriere giuridico ...

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    Protecting the EU’s borders from….fundamental rights? Squaring the circle between Frontex’s borders surveillance and human rights

    15/02/2013 - Luisa Marin

    Classificazione: Dignity - Art. 1 Human dignity - Person - Art. 2 Right to life - Freedoms - Art. 19 Expulsion

    On the occasion of the Congress of Magistratura democratica its President relaunches the plan of the construction of a European jurisdiction inspired to the constitutional values of the EU Charter of Rights ...

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    First comments on law n. 234/2012: participation of Italy to the European Union

    14/02/2013 - Maria Antonietta La Notte Chirone

    Classificazione: Justice

    The Author examines the law approved at the end of which establishes the rules for the participation of Italy to the European Union and underlines the great complexity of such matter as well as the ...