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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Decisions Judgement ICTR-01-72-A (18/03/2010)

Authority: International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

Date: 03/18/2010

Subject: The ICTR Appeals Chamber’s judgement in the Simon Bikindi v. The Prosecutor case, upheld the conviction of Simon Bikindi previously returned by Trial Chamber III and sentenced him of 15 years in prison. Bikindi, a former singer, composer and leader of a ballet troupe called the “Irindiro” was found guilty of single count of direct and public incitement to commit genocide based on public exhortations to kill Tutsis, perpetrated in June 1994.


Original language: English

Classification: Dignity - Art. 2 Right to life - Art. 3 Physical and mental integrity - Equality - Art. 20 Equality - Art. 21 Non discrimination - Justice - Art. 47 Fair trial, public hearing

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