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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Decisions Decision ICC-02/05-01/09 (12/07/2010)

Authority: International Criminal Court (ICC) - Pre-Trial Chamber I

Date: 07/12/2010

Subject: The decision has issued a second international arrest warrant against the President of Sudan, Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir, deeming him responsible for genocide against three different ethnic groups in Darfur: such measure does neither revoke nor substitute the first international arrest warrant, which is still valid, issued against Al Bashir in March 2009 for war crimes and crimes against humanity

Parties: The Prosecutor c/ Omar Hassan Ahmad Al Bashir

Original language: English

Classification: Dignity - Art. 1 Human dignity - Art. 2 Right to life - Art. 3 Physical and mental integrity - Equality - Art. 21 Non discrimination - Justice - Art. 47 Fair trial, public hearing

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