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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Acts P6_TA-PROV (2010)0397 (11/11/2010)

Type: Acts of the European Union: European Parliament resolution on the global approach to transfers of passenger name record (PNR) data to third countries

Authority: European Authorities - European Union: European Parliament

Date: 11/11/2010

Subject: The European Parliament welcomes the Commission communication on the global approach to transfers of PNR data to third countries and the recommendation from the Commission to the Council concerning the opening of negotiations for agreements between the EU and Australia, Canada and the USA for the transfer and use of PNR data to prevent and combat terrorism and other serious transnational crime; it calls to mind that the purpose of the agreements is to ensure that the transfer of data is in line with European data protection standards, including Article 16 TFEU and Article 8 of the Charter.

Classification: Freedoms - Art. 8 Personal data: fairly processing - Personal data: consent - Personal data: access - Personal data: rectification - Personal data: independent authority

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