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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Case Law 75734/12 and other two (19/11/2019)

Type: Judgment

Authority: European Authorities: European Court of human rights

Date: 11/19/2019

Subject: The judgment on the failure by the State to carry out an effective investigation on aggressions and inhuman treatments by the police and in particular on the conduct of its officers committed in another State; on the conviction pronounced without having sufficiently examined the behaviour and the intentions of the authors of the alleged offence; on the detention of the applicant inside a glass cabin for months during the trial and on his participation to the proceeding, deemed ineffective for the intense schedule of the hearings and for the several transfers from the prison; on having admitted the co-defendant as witness against the applicants after having been convicted in a separate proceeding following a “criminal settlement”, without an effective scrutiny in an adversarial manner

Parties: Razvozzhayev c. Russia e Ucraina e Udaltsov c. Russia

Classification: Dignity - Art. 4 Inhuman treatments - Justice - Art. 47 Justice: effective - Right to be advised, defended, and represented