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Observatoire Européen sur le respect des droits fondamentaux

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Autres actes - (25/02/2011)

Type: Actes de l'Union européenne: Conclusions du Conseil de l’Union européenne

Autorité: Autorités européennes - Union européenne (Conseil de l’Unione européenne)

Date: 25/02/2011

Objet: The Council reaffirms its commitment to guarantee that fundamental rights provided by the Charter are respected when it exercises its co-legislator function. It gives the Working Party on fundamental rights and citizenship a permanent status and invites it to elaborate by 30 June 2011, in close cooperation with the Council Legal Service, guidelines to on the main aspects of fundamental rights scrutiny. The Council encourages the Working Party to reinforce the cooperation with the European Union Agency for fundamental rights.

Classification: Thème général

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