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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Acts P6-TA-PROV(2007)0039 (14/02/2007)

Type: Acts of the European Union: Resolutions of the European Parliament

Authority: European Authorities - European Union: European Parliament

Date: 02/14/2007

Subject: The European Parliament reaffirms that the solutions regarding the new interim PNR agreement and the memorandum SWIFT do not adequately protect the personal data of EU citizens. The European Parliament believes that it would be greatly welcomed if the 1974 Privacy Act could also apply to EU citizens on a reciprocity basis and that since such international agreements relate to the fundamental rights of EU as well as US citizens, the European Parliament and the national parliaments of the Member States should be fully involved. Finally, the European Parliament stresses the need for the adoption of a framework decision on the protection of personal data in the third pillar equivalent to the one foreseen by the first pillar.

Classification: Art. 8 Personal data: fairly processing

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Notices: The European Parliament considers very worrying that this situation is in breach of the ECHR and of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.