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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Case Law Joined cases C-401/13, C-432/13 (22/01/2015)

Type: Judgment

Authority: European Authorities: Euopean Union' Court of Justice

Date: 01/22/2015

Subject: The Court affirmed that Regulation (EEC) No¬†1408/71, on the application of social security schemes to employed persons, to self-employed persons and to members of their families moving within the Community, must be interpreted as meaning that a bilateral agreement which relates to the social security benefits of nationals of one of the signatory States who had the status of political refugee in the territory of the other signatory State, which was concluded on a date when one of the two signatory States had not yet acceded to the European Union does not continue to apply to the situation of political refugees who were repatriated to their State of origin before the bilateral agreement was concluded and the regulation entered into force.

Parties: Vasiliki Balazs e Attila Balazs

Classification: Freedoms - Art. 18 Refugees - Solidarity - Art. 34 Social security

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