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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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    Information and consultation practise across Europe five years after the EU directive

    31/01/2011 - Fondazione di Dublino

    Classificazione: Solidarity - Art. 27 Worker’s rights: information

    Effectiveness of the right to information and consultation in Europe in the light of the Directive in such matter ...

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    The EU Bill: Restrictions on Treaties and Decisions relating to the EU

    31/01/2011 - House of Lords

    Classificazione: General theme

    The House of Lords assesses in a Report the impact of changes following the Treaty of Lisbon on the British legal system ...

  • Documents

    Report 2010

    31/01/2011 - ONG Social Watch

    Classificazione: Dignity - Solidarity

    Report for issued by NGOs from the social watch net on the global social situation ...

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    NGOs’ perspective on the EU accession to the ECHR

    03/12/2010 - Amnesty international ed altre ONG

    Classificazione: Justice

    The document presents reports from many NGOs on the respect for human rights in view of the accession of the EU to the ECHR ...

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    Providing coverage in times of crises and beyond

    30/11/2010 - Organizzazione Internazionale del Lavoro

    Classificazione: Solidarity

    The present document is an ILO report in the matter of assistance to the weaker citizens and support of their income in order to face the crisis and relaunch development ...

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    Subsidiarity assessment: admission of third country nationals as seasonal workers

    30/10/2010 - House of Lords

    Classificazione: General theme

    The present report reconstructs the national norms and agreements between Member States with regard to the admission of third country nationals as seasonal workers in the light of the Directive on such matter ...

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    Readmission policy in the european Union

    30/10/2010 - Parlamento europeo

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Justice

    The Parliament considers the agreements between Member States for the readmission of illegal third countries nationals in the light of the Treaty of Lisbon and the necessity of an effective guarantee of the respect of ...

  • Documents

    Charter of Human Rights and principles for the Internet

    15/09/2010 - Internet Rights and Principles Dynamic Coalition

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 7 Privacy - Art. 11 Freedom of information

    This is the first draft of a Project for the approval of an Internet Rights and Principles Charter which has been presented to UN meetings on such matter ...

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    The appeal to the constitutional judge

    07/09/2010 - Senato francese

    Classificazione: Justice

    The present document is a comparative study on the access to constitutional justice in certain European Countries ...

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    A revolution in disguise: the European citizens’ initiative

    07/08/2010 - Fondazione Bertelsmann

    Classificazione: Citizens’ rights

    The present document is a study on European citizens right to initiative which has been introduced by the Treaty of Lisbon and allows by previous collection of at least one million signatures in various States ...