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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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About Us

The promoters

Lelio and Lisli Basso Foundation

The Lelio and Lisli Basso Foundation was recognized as moral body in 1974. The library and the historical archives are open to all and consultable also on line. The Foundation promotes studies in the fields of anthropology, sociology and history, as well as research in the fields of economics, political sciences and law. To achieve this goal, conferences, seminars, meetings and workshops are organised on topics of current political and cultural interest. Among the topics: the process of European Constitutionalization, globalization and universal rights, bioethics, cultural heritage. The Foundation comprises the International Section which is characterized by a strong commitment in the field of human rights protection and the struggle against their abuses. This section organizes periodically the sessions of People's Permanent Tribunal.

Interdepartmental centre for research in European Communities Law (CIRDCE)

The Interdepartmental centre for research in European Communities Law (C.I.R.D.C.E.) has been active, within the University of Bologna, since 1991. Its aim is to develop and spread knowledge relating to European Law. In order to achieve its objectives the C.I.R.D.C.E. promotes research (which may be undertaken in collaboration with other Italian/foreign universities) financed by EU and other entities; carries out Post Lauream specialization (along with professional formation and training); organises LLM Programme for International Jurists; collaborates with the PHD Programme in European Community Law; promotes a Summer School on "The Protection of Fundamental Rights in Europe" in collaboration with University "Robert Schuman", Strasbourg, and King's College, London; organises conventions and seminars and provides consultancy for public and private organisations.

European Magistrates for Democracy and the Freedoms (MEDEL)

The association MEDEL (Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés) was founded in 1985 by representatives of six European national associations of judges and prosecutors. At the present moment it comprises fifteen national associations in representation of 15.000 magistrates, judges and prosecutors, and ten European Countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Spain. In other Countries, such as Austria and England, magistrates have joined on an individual basis.

The authors

Scientific advisory board

  • Marzia Barbera

    University of Brescia
  • Remo Caponi

    University of Firenze
  • Marta Cartabia

    judge of "Corte Costituzionale Italiana"
  • Silvio Gambino

    University of Cosenza
  • Stefano Giubboni

    University of Perugia
  • Donata Gottardi

    University of Verona
  • Tania Groppi

    University of Siena
  • Fausta Guarriello

    University of Chieti-Pescara
  • Ernesto Lupo

    President of "Corte di Cassazione Italiana"
  • Valerio Onida

    Ex-president of the "Corte costituzionale italiana"
  • Nicoletta Parisi

    University of Catania
  • Cesare Pinelli

    University of Macerata
  • Luis Miguel Poiares Maduro

    European University Institute
  • Guido Raimondi

    Judge of European Court of Human Rights
  • Lucia Serena Rossi

    University of Bologna
  • Marek Safjan

    judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities
  • Silvana Sciarra

    University of Florence
  • Giuseppe Tesauro

    judge of "Corte Costituzionale Italiana"
  • Antonio Tizzano

    judge of the Court of Justice of the European Communities
  • Vladimiro Zagrebelsky

    judge of European Court of Human Rights


  • Giuseppe Bronzini

    judge of "Corte di Cassazione Italiana"

Editorial Staff

  • Valentina Bazzocchi

    PhD in EU Law, Università di Bologna, and PhD in Public Law, Université de Strasbourg
  • Cristiana Bianco

    lawyer, specialising in international criminal law and protection of human rights
  • Giuseppe Bronzini

  • Fabian Mattheo Iorio

  • Francesco Rizzi

    PhD candidate, King's College London


  • Diletta De Blasi

  • Vito Monetti

  • Valeria Piccone

  • Giacinto Bisogni

    Italian judge
  • Roberto Conti

    Italian judge
  • Emilio De Capitani

    Head of Unit Committee on Citizen's Freedoms and Rights European Parliament
  • Elena Falletti

    research fellow at the University of Milano
  • Gualtiero Michelini

  • Mauro Palma

    president of the European Committee for the prevention of torture
  • Oreste Pollicino

    associate professor at the University Bocconi of Milan

Newsletter editors

  • Giuseppe Bronzini

  • Fabian Matthaeo Iorio


Head of project

  • Elena Paciotti

    president of the Basso Foundation