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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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TIPO not defined in translate_tipo for op5 (22/06/2007) - Statement on the Charter

Title: Statement on the Charter

Date: 06/22/2007

Subject: MEDEL magistrates, after having recalled the Declaration of the European Parliament 7.6.2007 about the revival of the constituent process, reassert not only that the Charter of Nice has already had a vast application in the European judiciary system, but also that it has been mentioned in the agreement of cooperation 10-11.05.2007 between the EU and the Council of Europe, concerning the protection of human rights; they then state the need of incorporating the Charter in the Text of the future Treaty or at least of approving a law which gives it a mandatory nature so as to guarantee a rational and effective defence of fundamental rights in Europe. They also underline the necessity that the EU subscribe the European Convention of 1950.

Original language: French

Classification: General provisions - Art. 51 Scope - Art. 52 Scope of guaranteed rights - Art. 53 Level of protection

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Notices: The document recalls the role of the Charter of Nice in the construction of an effective multilevel protection of fundamental rights [see also in “Other acts”: Report Commission legal matters and of human rights of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe 8 June 2007, Dick Marty].