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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Decisions Order 3:18-CV-171-CWR-FKB (20/11/2018)

Authority: United States District Court Southern District of Mississippi

Date: 11/20/2018

Subject: The order of the United States District Court Southern District of Mississippi, permanently blocked the State law in the matter of abortion (House Bill 1510), which prohibited the interruption of the pregnancy after the first 15 weeks, except from the case of medical emergency or serious anomaly of the foetus

Parties: Jackson Women’s Health Organization, On behalf of itself and its patients, et al. v. Mary Currier, In her official capacity as State Health Officer of the Mississippi Department of Health, et al.

Original language: English

Classification: Freedoms - Art. 7 Privacy - Art. 9 Right to found a family - Solidarity - Art. 35 Preventive health care

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