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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Acts 2020/2513(RSP) (16/01/2020)

Type: Acts of the European Union: European Parliament resolution on ongoing hearings under Article 7(1) of the TEU regarding Poland and Hungary

Authority: European Authorities - European Union: European Parliament

Date: 01/16/2020

Subject: The European Parliament takes note of the hearings organised by the Council under Article 7(1) of the TEU in response to threats to common European values in Poland and Hungary; notes with concern that the hearings are not organised in a regular, structured and open manner; expresses its regret that the hearings have not yet resulted in any significant progress by the two Member States in question with regard to redressing clear risks of a serious breach of the values referred to in Article 2 of the TEU; notes with concern that the reports and statements by the Commission and international bodies, such as the UN, OSCE and the Council of Europe, indicate that the situation in both Poland and Hungary has deteriorated since the triggering of Article 7(1) of the TEU; points out that the failure by the Council to make effective use of Article 7 of the TEU continues to undermine the integrity of common European values, mutual trust, and the credibility of the Union as a whole; takes the view that the latest developments in the ongoing hearings under Article 7(1) of the TEU once again underline the imminent need for an EU mechanism on democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights (DRF), as proposed by Parliament

Classification: General theme

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