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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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    Social insecurities and resilience

    09/10/2018 - European Foundation for the improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofond)

    Classificazione: Solidarity - Art. 31 Working conditions: healthy - Working conditions: safe - Working conditions: dignified

    A study on resilience with regard to social uncertainties ...

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    Proposals on the future of Europe

    30/09/2018 - Movimento Europeo

    Classificazione: General theme

    Various proposals for relaunching the European project ...

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    Memorandum of Understanding between the Court of Cassation and the European Court of Human Rights

    06/09/2018 - Gruppo di lavoro permanente sul Protocollo d’intesa tra la Corte di cassazione e la Corte europea dei diritti dell’uomo

    Classificazione: General provisions - Art. 52 Scope of guaranteed rights

    Some brief comments on the jurisprudence of the ECHR and of the Italian Court of Cassation which transposes the first ...

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    UK adoption of EU external agreements after Brexit

    24/07/2018 - House of commons

    Classificazione: General theme

    Will Great Britain be able to adopt EU agreements after Brexit ...

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    Report on negotiations on Brexit

    12/07/2018 - Senato Francese

    Classificazione: General theme

    Reconstruction of negotiations on Brexit ...

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    The future relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union

    12/07/2018 - Governo Regno Unito

    Classificazione: General theme

    Relations between Great Britain and the EU after Brexit ...

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    Annual Report

    12/07/2018 - Giovanni Pitruzzella

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 11 Freedom of information

    Annual Report by the Competition and Markets Authority CMA ...

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    Report by the Data Protection Authority on the activity of 2017

    10/07/2018 - Antonello Soro

    Classificazione: Freedoms - Art. 8 Personal data: consent - Personal data: access

    Protection of personal data according to the Italian Authority ...

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    Global study on smuggling of Migrants

    13/06/2018 - United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ( UNODC)

    Classificazione: Dignity - Art. 1 Human dignity - Person

    Smuggling of migrants ...

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    Brexit: Parliament’s role in approving and implementing agrrements with the European Unione

    23/05/2018 - House of Commons

    Classificazione: General theme

    Role of the Parliament in the Brexit ...