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Observatoire Européen sur le respect des droits fondamentaux

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Autres Mesures Ordonnance 14-CV-200-SWS (17/10/2014)

Autorité: United States District Court for the District of Wyoming (USA)

Date: 17/10/2014

Parties: Anne Marie Guzzo and Bonnie Robinson; Ivan Williams and Charles Killion; Brie Barth and Shelly Montgomery; Carl Oleson and Rob Johnston; and Wyoming Equality vs. Matthew H. Mead, in his official capacity as Governor of Wyoming; Dean Fausset, in his official capacity as Director of the Wyoming Department of Administration and Information; Dave Urquidez, in his official capacity as Administrator of the State of Wyoming Human Resources Division; and Debra K. Lathrop, in her official capacity as Laramie County Clerk

Langue originale: Anglais

Classification: Liberté - Art. 9 Droit de se marier - Égalité - Art. 20 Égalité - Art. 21 Non discrimination

Texte download Anglais