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European Observer on fundamental right's respect

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Other Acts 16879/06 (15/12/2006)

Type: Acts of the European Union: European Council's Conclusions

Authority: European Authorities - European Union: European Council

Date: 12/15/2006

Subject: During its last meeting, the European Council mainly debated the following issues: accession negotiations, development of the area of freedom, security and justice by intensifying operational cooperation between competent authorities of the Member States, European Migration Policy, Schengen enlargement, European preparedness and response capacity to crisis and disasters, Intellectual Property Rights Strategy, European energy policy, flexicurity in order to promote flexibility combined with employment security, commitment to working towards a Joint EU-Africa Strategy, European Neighbourhood Policy in order to consolidate a ring of prosperity, stability and security based on human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the Union's neighbourhood.

Classification: Art. 17 Intellectual property - Art. 18 Right to asylum - Art. 31 Working conditions: healthy - Working conditions: safe - Working conditions: dignified

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